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Double Surprise Proposal

David and Samantha's proposal

From Singapore, Samantha loved the #MargaretRiver region when she visited 4 years ago. And so this time her travel plan to the region involved her boyfriend David. Samantha asked Dian Sarah to suggest some beautiful spots for a photo session, so #BoranupForest and #RedgateBeach were the perfect backdrops to capture some of the joy of her holiday.

Couple photography in Margaret River
Boranup Forest

For Samantha, the absolutely stunning landscape and natural environment was what drew her back to Margaret River, and this trip didn't disappoint.

A romantic stroll through the Boranup forest to relax the mind and body and introduce David to the Aussie bush.

Now it turns out that David is a smooth operator who had plans of his own.

In a moment of complete surprise to Dian behind the lens, but even more so for girlfiend Samantha, David dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring to propose to her.

He must also have been confident of the love between them, because of course she said yes!

The moment was captured by Dian after she quickly adapted to David's improvised romantic moment. So exciting and such a great moment! A double surprise.

Boranup Forest Margaret River couples photoshoot session
Boranup Forest

Plenty of time to enjoy the forest during the couples romantic photoshoot.

A change of scene to one of the best beaches in Margaret River. Stunning Redgate Beach was a beautiful place to bask in the glory of the proposal and the delicious promise that it holds for the future.



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