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Indonesia and Margaret River Wedding fusion

Ian & Ari's wedding.

Ian and Ari had their own magical #MargaretRiver wedding, combining the down to earth casual style of Ian with the exotic sophistocation of Ari.

Vineyard wedding photography in Margaret River

At the ceremony, their vows confirmed that each loves the other for the things they have in common and for their differences.

With a bit of tongue in cheek humour, Ari proclaimed that she loves Ian because he is 'Tall and white'. Ian loves Ari because she is beautiful and has a beautiful smile.

But more than that, each vowed the love they have for each other and the joy each has brought into the others life.

Oh, and Ian dilligently repeated the vows that Ari, I mean that he wrote. Yes there was some #humour at the ceremony.

The #winter storm had passed the day before, and the Glenmore #winery cellar door became the venue for the ceremony and post ceremony photoshoot. Guests were then treated to the fabulous reception at Cullen Winery, then another photo session for the bridal party in the winery grounds.

The lovely Indonesian bridesmaids added the splash of colour with their classic wedding photograpy style, while the groomsmen toasted Ian with a few stories of days gone by in the winery.



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