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Shawn & Lavinia's Cape Lodge Margaret River Wedding

Shawn and Lavinia's #MargaretRiver wedding happened at beautiful Cape Lodge, Margaret River. Lavinia's family made the journey from Taiwan and Shawn's from Cairns.

There must be so many reasons why they love each other and here's one each that they mentioned to Dian on the first meeting: Lavinia loves Shawn because he is so gentle. Shawn loves Lavinia because she is so cute :)

Lavinia was a bit shy at first, but relaxed with Dian's casual style. She looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful dress!

Getting Ready wedding photography in Margaret River

So the stage was set, wedding party ready, and then a bit of rain starts!

But a little bit of rain at the start didn't dampen the spirits of the wedding party and luckily that cleared and the ceremony got the green light.

When it rains in Margaret River it is usually in showers, so the ceremony was completed during a nice break in the rain. Pause for a bit more rain then onto the intimate bride and groom photoshoot.

It's easy to see that Shawn and Lavinia have so much love for each other and that this wedding is the start of a beautiful union.



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